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Our Mission

To educate and engage individuals to take greater responsibilities for improving their community environments.

Our Vision

To accomplish a clean, safe and beautiful environment by changing behaviors toward litter prevention, beautification and community improvements and reducing the impact of waste.

Tennessee has an average of 5,100 pieces of litter per mile on urban freeways. Thirty percent is deliberate litter from people in vehicles and 70% is negligent litter from unsecured loads. Last year over 8 million dollars was spent on cleanup in Tennessee. Keep Anderson County Beautiful (KACB) is an affiliate of Keep Tennessee and Keep America Beautiful.

This is a volunteer based educational agency focusing on the Anderson County community: litter prevention; beautification and community improvement; and solid waste management/recycling. Keep Anderson County Beautiful serves Anderson County, TN; including Clinton, Oak Ridge, Norris, Lake City, and Oliver Springs.


Want to plan a cleanup and need help? Contact Keep Anderson County Beautiful

50K Treeday

Great American Cleanup kickoff in Oak Ridge

Keep Anderson County Beautiful (KACB) is hosting a kick-off event for the Great American Clean-up, on Saturday, March 7, from 9-12 noon in Oak Ridge, in front of the Civic Center.

“If you were provided a free litter grabber and large plastic bags would you take the challenge to help keep your part of Anderson County litter free?” asks Linda Kimmel, co-chair of the event.  These materials will be available on Saturday and from KACB for litter pick-ups throughout the Great American Clean-up, March-May.

ORHS Teachers and their Great Volunteer Spirit

Two Great Volunteers for Keep Anderson County Beautiful!   Keep Anderson County Beautiful is made up of an All Volunteer Board and all Volunteer Citizens in Anderson County.  Contact us if you want to help us Keep Anderson County Beautiful and "Greener and Cleaner"!

KACB at Norris Day

Keep Anderson County Beautiful had a very successful booth this July 4, 2014 at Norris Day in Norris Tennessee!   We promoted the Anti-Litter Message of KACB and our "Butts Wanted" Program to educate the citizens of Anderson County that cigarette butts are litter!   Butts may be small, but the litter from butts is a major litter issue across the nation!  Please Dispose of Cigarette Butts Properly.

ORHS Teachers and Volunteers hold Fall 2014 Campus Cleanup/Beautification

Over 35 volunteers show up to help with the ORHS Fall 2014 Campus Cleanup

Teachers, Beth Adler, Deni Sobek, and Eddie Anderson, at ORHS in Anderson County organized a Fall 2014 Campus Cleanup of the schools wetlands, gardens, and grounds.   Over 35 volunteers of students and family showed up to help.   Keep Anderson County Beautiful applauds this group of Volunteers and loves their devotion to keep their campus clean and beautiful! Way to Go!    See Pictures in Photo Gallery.


Donate or become a member of KACB!

Click here if you would like to donate or become a Member of KACB!

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